Fire Bird
Fire Bird

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Fire Bird tells the story of Prince Ivan Tsarevich, youngest son of a powerful Tsar who leaves the comforts of the Mortal Lands to venture into the Wilds, where creatures of myth still dwell and danger lies around every turn. Unknowingly drawn into a deadly battle of wills by an immortal sorcerer . . .

A labour of love for its writer, Fire Bird weaves together different renditions of the phoenix story with established Slavic folklore to tell a unique version of the legendary bird’s tale. Inspired primarily by Yakov Polonsky’s children’s fable, ‘A Winter's Journey’ (1884), which sees a rider seeking out the immortal Koschei the Deathless, and orchestrated with key themes from ‘The Firebird Suite’ by Igor Stravinshi (1910), it draws heavily on the translated works of Alexander Afanasyev in ‘Narodnye russkie skazki’ (1855), which were included in ‘The Red Fairy Book’ (1890).

A feature length, full cast Audio Drama from Cascade Studios.

You've lived a relative y shelter lifehere in the Palace, gardens O my child, but this journey will take you past ourborders out into the wilds. What traces of the old world still linger? Thereare things there at as powerful as the are ancient waiting out of shake to devour you good yourself boy and know thatwhatever your journey takes you my faith enough travel to now go prepare yourself for the triblsahead, Fasebol the firebed of my dreams,.

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